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Corthan Legacy series

Quest of the Dreamwalker, Book 1

Cara’s father crippled her soul to steal her magic, but the key to what she lost still waits for her in her dreams. A chance encounter with the mercenary her father intends to kill opens her eyes to her father’s evil and she flees hoping to find a way to heal her soul. But death follows her every step from the frozen tundra through the Tanglewood to the mountain city of Iolair. Cara must discover her stolen birthright before her father sacrifices her to an even darker power.

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Corthan Legacy Companion series

Tales of the Archer 

Years before “Archer” Tarhill swore fealty to Captain Khoury, he was an ordinary trapper with the heart of a storyteller. This is his tale. 

It’s a Fire Night, a time for celebration, and young Reid Tarhill has a plan to make Maura, the chieftain’s daughter, notice him. Unfortunately, his father notices, too. Being the black sheep of the family, Reid’s not surprised that his father tries to thwart the courtship. But when Old Tarhill throws in with a rival clan’s suitor, the fate of Bear Clan hangs in the balance.

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