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The days are getting shorter! It’s dark when I wake for my day job now. Of course, they will change the clocks on me again soon but I suppose that’s okay. The days are getting shorter for Cara too. But not in the seasonal sense.

Last week I shared a snippet from Cara’s first real confrontation with the sorcerer she calls Father. I’m not sure if it’s breaking any rules, but I’d like to give you more of the story starting there. I hope you enjoy it!

“Mason Khoury?” she feigned ignorance, her mind scrambling for a way out.

“Yes,” her father sneered. “The last thing in that little thief’s mind was you saying that name.”

Cara couldn’t breathe. This was impossible. “But how?”

“The ritual. You didn’t suspect?””

She shook her head, speechless with shock.

“There are no secrets in my Keep. Whether you tell me now or during the ritual, eventually I will find this Mason Khoury.” His finger traced the track of a wayward tear down her cheek, and his hand came to rest threateningly on her throat. “You know Carter was not a very nice man. He killed his wife, among others.”

Was that who her father was now? Reith Carter, wife murderer. She wondered about all the men he had feasted on How many had been like Archer andhow many like Reith? “I honestly don’t remember saying anything to him.”

Father stared in surprise. Then his face contorted with rage. “How dare you.”

Cara tried not to flinch.

“Have it your way. In two days, I will drain this Northerner while you watch. And believe me, I will make him suffer. Then, it will be your turn and I will discover the truth.”

He stood up and went to the door, but paused to turn and look at her. “Do not become attached to creatures whose only purpose is to serve me, girl. You’ll end up regretting it.”

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Thank you for coming by today. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Quest of the Dreamwalker. Next week, we will meet the third member of our triad, the defiant huntress. Look forward to seeing you then. Enjoy the weather and stay safe, everyone!

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