#ThursThreads “Time’s up, Cadet!” #timetravel #flashfiction

I found myself not working my second job this Thursday. Such a delight. Even better was that it gave me a chance to join Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads flash fiction party on her blog. Life is good!

The door clicked shut as we entered the pale-walled room. My “outfit” waited on a lonely table. Slowly, thoughtfully I deposited my mum’s pearl earrings and Charles’s gold band next to it with an ache in my chest.

“Guess this is it.” I choked on those emotions I never imagined I would feel right now. I’d been so sure of my calling.

“Oh, ma girl,” Dad said, laying a trembling arthritic hand on my cheek, his brogue thickened by the emotion of the brief ceremony. “Ye’ve really done it. Ye’re a Traveler, true as Mary.”

“But is that good or bad?” I whispered, throat tight and eyes blurring, trying not to regret my choice.

“It’s good,” he said with forced cheer. “What yer doin’. The things ye’ll fix.”

I shrugged. The Paradox Bureau was new after all, the science of time-skeins still sketchy. I might be risking my life to find I made history worse.

“We’ll see,” I said, sounding so much like Mum I wanted to cry.

“You’ll look great in this though,” he said, touching the neatly folded sequined dress they’d issued me.

I attempted a smile but ended up somewhere between skeptical and sad. 

“Not really my style, though,” I murmured as I took it behind the tiny dressing screen, shucked my Cadet’s uniform and donned the flapper dress and silk hose.

When I returned his grey eyes were mistier than a foggy mountain heath as he said. “A brave heart never goes out of style, lass.”

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