#ThursThreads Entry 10/20/2016

For the first time in probably more than a year, I entered Siobhan Muir’s flash fiction contest #ThursThreads.  Its a fun contest where the prompt is a phrase taken from the previous week’s winner. Being very short, only 100 to 250 words, it can be difficult to get your point across with any kind of style.

If you’re a writer of any kind, I encourage you to give it a try. It’s fun and will hone your writing in ways longer works don’t.   Here is my humble offering.

Paid in Full

The doorbell woke me with another skull-splitting headache, a shoe-leather tongue and dry gritty eyes. The nightmares persisted too, although I’d gotten rid of nearly all the cursed doubloons. No one had told me, when I started out, that the antiques business really did have a paranormal downside.  With only three more to go, I felt less and less guilty about who I dumped my problem on.

The doorbell nagged again. When I finally opened the door, my ex-husband stared wide-eyed at my disheveled morning face.

“Hi, Janice. Sorry to bother.”

No he wasn’t.  “What?” I asked sharply.

“I need that money you owe me. For last week.”

His new wife made enough to support them both three times over and he was still nickel-and-diming me, the bastard.

“Wait here.” I shut the door and grabbed some bills from my purse. My hand hesitated only briefly over the bowl of silver coins before I scooped them up too.

I opened the door and shoved the money at him.  “That’s two hundred. The coins are worth the rest,” I said.

“I’m sorry. I know things are tight,” he said, looking at the payment his hand. “But I’m just trying to be fair.”

“Not at all,” I said, fake smile plastered on my face and bitterness churning in my gut. “You deserve to be paid what I owe you.”

And then some.


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