#TBT Flash: The Queen and the Pirate

So for Throwback Thursday, here’s an old flash of mine from 2012…. The prompt was PIRATES.

The Queen and the Pirate

Her castle perched above the bay and, on mornings like this one, the salty sea air would waft through the windows of her pristine domain and wake her with trembling eagerness, sure in the knowledge that her pirate king would come today.gate

Though generally a prisoner of her station, the thought of him would steel her resolve, and she would slip away from under the servants’ noses.

Once free, she hastened to the lower edge of her gardens,to the locked gate where she knew he was waiting for her – rough, untrimmed, and oh-so-daringly roguish.

Today, he had brought her delicious delicacies from afar, pungent meats that appealed to the primal hunger that rumbled beneath her refined and well-coiffed façade. And though the bars prevented her from touching him, she couldn’t deny the heat that warmed her at his virile male scent and gruff voice.

All too soon, though, footsteps warned that the servants had noticed her absence.  As he leaned closer, she thrust her nose against his cheek to remember the smell of salt and fish that clung to his beard.

A sudden hand on her collar pulled her back.  “Bad dog Queenie! Get away from that mutt or I’ll have to flea dip you for the third time this month!”



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