#TBT Flash: Jasmine’s Symphony

It’s Thursday again.  And although I won’t do a throwback flash every Thursday, JB Lacaden reminded me that three years ago today, this was the pic for Angela Goff’s delightful Visual Dare Challenge.  (Thanks, JB!)  It is a particular favorite of mine, for no clear reason except maybe that I love the photo prompt.

BTW, Visual Dare is still running. If you like to write, you should definitely check it out!



Jasmine’s Symphony

by Stacy Bennett

The old piano sat on the porch, weather worn and out of tune.

Jasmine liked it there, liked the feel of the ivories beneath her paws – those four silent-padded, rabbit-furred, varmint-deadly night-feet.  Under the fading moonlight, she would leap up to the keyboard and play her muted symphony, pacing like a jungle tiger up to the highest octave and back. Once, and then again, and again in syncopated rhythm of her own making, until a sliver of sunlight glinted across her calico fur.

The shimmering morning rays shot through the trees and low-lying fog, its flare hiding the mystical moment from mortal eyes. She stopped her tune, stretched and changed and finally stood tiptoe on two feet once more, her magical symphony of transformation complete until the next moon.


129 words


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