Tales of the Archer: A New Release is on the Horizon!

My next book is just about to be released into the wild! And I couldn’t be more excited.  You can preorder it here.

I used to think I only had one story to tell and that was Dreamwalker. But then I joined a wonderful group of flash fiction writers a few years back and discovered that perhaps I had a lot more plot bunnies in the warren of my mind than I’d originally given myself credit for.

I published Son of Anubis first, a novella that was written as a challenge between friends.  And then I screwed my courage to the sticking point and published Quest of the Dreamwalker.

Now I’m working on the sequel to Dreamwalker, a hefty book called Chasing the Legend. But it seems I’m a girl who likes challenges.

A year or two ago, I participated in the A-to-Z Blog Hop. I dared myself to write a single cohesive story that spanned all 26 letters, all 26 days of that April. For my subject, I chose Reid “Archer” Tarhill (the foil for Dreamwalker’s mercenary captain) and the love of Archer’s life Maura O’Mara. They are lovers in Dreamwalker but there is a hidden history between them that is only hinted at. The blog hop explored that relationship.  

I did complete my quest, finishing all 26 days, and in 26 snippets I crafted the bones of a love story that gave depth to those two characters.  And I fell in love with Archer and Maura all over again.  

Tales of the Archer is that story taken and written into a full length book. Although it has a humble page count, I’ve been told it has insightful depth and genuine emotion. It contains no spoilers to the Corthan Legacy trilogy so you can read it first, or read it after Dreamwalker, either way is fine.


Tales of the Archer is on sale for preorder now at $0.99 but the price will go up after its official release on 09/07/2017 so if you’re at all interested get it now.  By the end of September, it will be available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback. An audiobook is also in the planning stages.  

5 thoughts on “Tales of the Archer: A New Release is on the Horizon!

  1. My sister, her husband and daughter are buying this one. We all loved Dreamwalker, and will be looking over your discussion questions. We may have more questions to ask you. Thanks for continuing to write these great stories.

    1. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support. You have no idea how much I appreciate it <3

    2. Thank you so much for all your support. Just a note, it won’t be staying at $0.99 after release so preordering will save some money. 😀

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