So is there a Sequel, or are you yanking our chains?

Sooooo, it’s been a little over a month since Quest of the Dreamwalker came out.  Hard to believe it’s been that long. The whole experience is still shiny and new and just so … surreal. Really. I pinch myself from time to time.


I know. I know – in a hundred years, who’s gonna care? But it has been a long journey for me and I am proud of myself for not giving up. 

But guess what? It’s November already!  Time’s flying.  I need to stop flirting with social media (and stressing myself out about the state of the “real” world) and get back to the Writinggrindstone. Time to start putting sentences together again.

For those who have already read Dreamwalker, I want to thank you. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you’re looking forward to finding out what happens to Rae, Cara and Falin, the Captain, Archer, (Gar) and the others.  There IS a sequel (title still in debate) and it should be out fall of next year.  It may be a longer wait than avid fans might like, but there’s some rewriting involved and I don’t like to rush a story.  You want my best, right?

But as a treat, here is a tiny spoiler-free snippet from near the middle (remember it’s unedited as yet and subject to change).

“I’ll meet any challenge you set,” Archer swore.

Bradan put a calming hand on Archer’s arm. “What kind of hunt?”

“Silvertip schools have returned for the summer,” Fynan said. “They gather in droves just beyond the mouth of the bay.”

“You want me to catch fish?” Archer interrupted.

“Not just any fish,” Fynan’s eagerness was obvious. “The silvertips attract larger predators.  Deepwater trales have been spotted.”

Even Gilland’s head snapped up at that.  He looked at his father with something bordering on fear.

“Trales?” Bradan asked.

“Large fish with teeth,” Fynan said sarcastically. “Whoever catches the largest one, wins.”

“Father!” Gilland’s soft admonition earned him a sharp elbow to the ribs.

“Oy, now you’re bending things too far, Fynan,” came a strident voice from the back.

They all turned.  Archer was surprised to see the healer Freyna in the doorway.

Traditions are well and good,” she said, “but where is your hospitality? They came to you for shelter, not this mad scheme. Leave off with your delusions, you daft bludger.”

“He doesn’t have to take the challenge,” Fynan said smugly.

“I’ll take your challenge,” Archer growled, “and stuff it down –“

Freyna put a hand on Archer’s chest to halt his tirade. “Fairness demands you give them a crew that can handle the task you set,” she said. “The bear does not fish in deep water.”

So, if you haven’t read Dreamwalker yet, read it before next fall when book two comes out.  You can get a copy of the ebook or softcover here.  


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