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My dear friends, I see you’ve returned to my little corner of the universe to visit me. It’s getting magical around here so mind the glitter, it sticks to EVERYTHING.

In my continuing efforts to step back into a truly “writinglife, I have joined the lovely folks on Facebooks Snippet Sunday group. They share bits of their finished works and works in progress with fans just for fun. And today I join them with a piece of a finished work that has a new audiobook on #Audible joining the ebook on #KindleUnlimited: Tales of the Archer.

Tales of the Archer is a companion novel I wrote delving into the history of one of Quest of the Dreamwalker’s main characters: Archer. Only at the time of the story, everyone just called him Reid.

In this scene, his father is reprimanding him for telling Bear Clan stories to his brother but the real reason for Old Tarhill’s anger is a deeply held secret that you’ll just have to read the book to find out.

“You think you’re one of them, don’t you?” His father sniffed with disdain. “You’re not, you know.”  Taking out a small flask, the older man threw back a heart swallow. Reid could smell the alcohol on his breath as Tarhill leaned close over his shoulder. “You’re Ceru. You are alone.”

Reid refused to answer, trying to focus on the newborn flames.

His father’s heavy hand grabbed the hair on the back of his head and he turned Reid to look at him. “Don’t be setting your sights on a Bear girl. I’ll not have it.”

Thank you for coming today. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Bear Clan and be sure to check out the Snippet Sunday Facebook site for other writers and their works.

4 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “You think you’re one of them…” #Sundayblog #freeread #fantasy

  1. Heavy handed parents never do get the message and continue to do exactly what it takes to get their children to do exactly what they don’t want LOL. Enjoyed the snippet…

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