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Hello there! Well Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I have not been very active since apparently there was some major hacking going on here on my site. Nothing that exposed anyone’s data, since I don’t collect any here, but still there was some work on my part that had to be done and that took time. Hopefully, things are better on that front, although a revision of this blog is in the works and I will let you know how things change going forward.

For now, let’s try to enjoy the impending holiday and another piece of Quest of the Dreamwalker.

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After her run-in with Rebeka last time. (You can refresh your memory here.) Falin finally gets a chance to visit the captives alone. But when she goes to free Cara and her three companions, it doesn’t quite go as planned.

Falin went to the door, unlatched it and pushed it softly open. The fire had burned low and only a subtle glow flickered over the sleeping figures in the dirt. She crept inside and just as she began to push the door shut, a heavy weight slammed into her nearly sending her to the dirt.

Her attacker moved behind her, long arms reaching around. Falin shrugged her shoulders and tucked her chin down instinctively as an arm slid across, searching for the choke hold. Bringing both hands to the elbow, she held tight and dropped her hips back against her attacker’s body to unbalance them. Cold shock coursed up her spine as she realized her attacker was male.

The man stepped back, twisting away from her. With one arm still across her chest, he pushed down on her far shoulder, tipping her back across his outstretched leg. Losing her balance, Falin heard the dirt calling to her. She twirled in the loose grip of his pushing arm, barely settling her feet below her weight in time as she ducked away from his grasp.

By the time she was free of him, they were standing hip to hip, facing opposite directions. she lifted the leg nearest him and thrust her heel hard into the back of his knee buckling the leg. At the same time, she jammed her elbow back into his ribs, pushing herself away.

Another form straightened up from the deeper shadows, too tall to be the girl. She noted the gleam of a blade on the floor. They had their weapons back already.

Blood must not be spilled or we are all lost, she thought frantically. Before she could turn, the warrior behind her shifted, rebalancing on his knee. She felt his hand latch heavily on to the back of her belt. With an angry grunt, he yanked her from her feet and threw her face first to the ground. Using his heavier bulk, he pinned her with a knee to on her lower back, twisting her arm behind her.

“What do you want?” His whisper was harsh, angry. The hand on her wrist clamped tight. Boots came into view as the other man can to stand nearby.

Anger swelled inside her, a violence born of shame that desired nothing less than blood. But she had promised Sorchia to shepherd them and so she swallowed it down.

“Get off me, you great thorny ass,” she growled. “I’m your guide, and we don’t have time for this.”

After a moment’s pause, the weight across her back lifted, and he released her wrist. As he was getting to his feet, spite flared in Falin’s chest. She rolled to her back and swept his legs out from under him, dumping him unceremoniously on the hard ground. Then she rolled gracefully to her feet and brushed the dirt from her clothes. In the low torchlight, she recognized those blue eyes.

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