#SnippetSunday Two hunters, one prize. #Sundayblog #freeread #fantasy

Thank you for coming back, avid adventurers. It’s my birthday weekend, so there is cake and drink for everyone. Don’t forget your party favor, a little snippet from Tales of the Archer just for you. In this teaser, Archer has some competition in his bid to woo the chieftain’s daughter.

A hand’s depth of soft needles swallowed their footsteps. Loam and pine tingled in Reid’s nose. He glanced back at Maura and was greeted with an eager smile. It was odd to see her in leggings for a change, a knife at her belt. She impressed him with how easily she kept up, the two of them agile and quick as children through the brush. He pointed to the top of the rise and she nodded.

They crept to the ridge and down below five deer grazed contentedly. Reid unslung his bow and sighted a medium-sized animal. He breathed slowly, releasing the soft breath through parted lips, sure of his aim.

Then the sharp crack of a branch sent the herd bounding away.

“Damn!” Reid cursed under his breath and whirled to find Gilland standing sheepishly behind them.

“Sorry,” the other boy said. Then, “Hello, Maura.” Gilland’s smile was almost sly.

Reid glanced at her, wondering if she’d planned the meeting…

Too bad for Reid. Missing out on some private time with Maura. You’ll have to read (or listen to) it to find out what happens next.

Again, don’t forget to check out the other talented folks in the Facebook Snippet Sunday group for teasers from their writing treasures.

Tales of the Archer is a companion novel I wrote delving into the history of one of Quest of the Dreamwalker’s main characters: Archer. It is out on #Audible, narrated by the multifaceted Zachary Johnson.

8 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday Two hunters, one prize. #Sundayblog #freeread #fantasy

  1. I’m not sure if my comment was eaten or sent to a moderation queue. I really love your description of the setting.

  2. I love the setting, the description of loam and pine needles. I do think that there may be some skulduggery afoot here. 🙂

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