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If only pumpkin spice could solve pandemics, we’d be golden right now. But at least the weather pleasant, temps are cooler, the morning starts later, coffee is still just as tasty. And your TBR pile might be getting smaller. Or perhaps not. My personal experience is that I cross two off the list and add three more.

Today, as promised, we will meet the third member of the central trio of Quest of the Dreamwalker, the first book in my Corthan Legacy series. To do that, we need to skip ahead a little bit.

In this snippet, Falin meets Cara and Khoury for the first time. Cara and her companions have been captured by the Huntresses of Foresthaven, a druid enclave deep in the Tanglewoods where men are forbidden. Any man found trespassing will pay the ultimate price.

When Falin burst upon the scouts and their captives, she was surprised to find the Outsiders still standing and unbloodied. Even more surprising was the small pale wisp of a girl standing between Rebeka’s sword and one man’s throat. The girl was shaking in fear, but her defiance had certainly cost Rebeka some respect. Falin smiled at her rival’s embarrassment, knowing her own presence there only fanned the flames of the chief scout’s anger.

“It was an error. All is well in hand,” Rebeka pronounced in an imperious manner. “We don’t need you, little sister.”

The “little” irritated Falin almost as much as Rebeka’s manner, but she would nurse the offense in silence as she always did until the next time they crossed blades in the sparring ring.

Falin sheathed her weapon and relaxed. “As you say, Rebeka,” she replied, purposely forgoing Rebeka’s new title. She placed her hand over her heart and executed a cursory bow that barely met the requirements of protocol.

Ignoring the slights, Rebeka turned her attention back to the Outsiders which gave Falin a chance to study them. She was curious, having seen so few. Most travelers knew to avoid their woods, and she had only participated in a handful of Cullings herself. but when Falin caught the gaze of the white-haired girl, it was like a knife to her bones.

The girl was slight and weak, her fear palpable. Falin felt a surprising tug of pity, something she’d never been prone to. Startled by the encounter, she steeled herself.

Ever a Huntress, she told herself. There is no place for weakness here, hers or mine.

Of the men, the one who’d asked to see the Elders was older, his once-auburn beard braids now grizzled with gray. His carriage reminded her of Sorchia. There was also a younger red-haired warrior. Brawny and muscular, he had a well-worn bow slung across his back. And then there was the last man, the one the girl was trying to protect. Falin caught his eye for a mere moment but would never forget the intensity of blue that peered out from beneath his dark brows. Battle-scarred and muscular, he stood with confidence and a leader’s dispassion. His strength made Falin smile. He would have been a challenge. Too bad he’d be culled like the rest.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this moment from Quest of the Dreamwalker which is available as an ebook, on KindleUnlimited, on Audible, and as a paperback. Be sure to also check out the Snippet Sunday Facebook Group for more authors and their stories.

See you next week! Have fun and be good!

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