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Hello there! Every week feels more and more like autumn. Pumpkin spice is back. Evenings we spend watching Halloween movies. Yellow, orange and red leaves are gathering on the lawn. Frost dusts the grass in the early mornings. Definitely my favorite time of year. I hope you are finding ways to look forward to the holidays even with social distancing issues. And it’s time for another piece of Quest of the Dreamwalker.

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Today, I wanted to get back to Huntress Falin. The job Sorchia had for her was not going to be easy and she knew that going in. But her rival Rebeka may not be willing to look the other way. The Chief Scout is sure to cause trouble for our girl.

“Good morning, Sister,” Falin greeted Rebeka with her hand over her heart, bowing with all the deference the rank deserved.

“So you can be nice,” Rebeka said with venom.

“And I thought you’d be happy to see me.”

“Happy to see you? Never.”

“I’m supposed to relieve you so you can go do important chief scout things.”

“Don’t lie to me. Something’s not right. No Culling yet, and it’s almost dawn.”

“There’ll be a Culling,” Falin lied. “Sorchia has it all in hand.”

“And how long are we expected to suffer men beneath the Thorns?” Rebeka snarled her displeasure.

Falin worried that Sorchia wouldn’t be able to keep the scout in hand, but she had to trust the priestess. “Relax. They’ve only been here a little while. No one even noticed them.”

Rebeka stood up quickly. Her tall lankiness so close that Falin had to backup. “Our Laws, our traditions. They’re all a joke to you, aren’t they?”

Falin forced patience as Sorchia had asked. “That’s not true, but there is more to life than rules.”

“You are more outsider than Sister, aren’t you?”

Rebeka’s words stung more than Falin would admit, but now wasn’t the time for a fight. “I’m not your problem anymore.”

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