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Happy August! The summer is just racing away! I hope you and yours have been blessed with good health, most importantly. But some fun too. If you can’t get out, this is an awesome time to make headway in your #TBR pile. I know I’ve been doing that just to feel like I’m not stuck at home.

So here is another teaser from Tales of the Archer just for you. Archer’s father wants to drag Reid away from Maura on a trip south to sell hides, but his mother is pushing for him to stay. What Reid doesn’t understand is why.

“We’re only taking the small ones today and skinning the rest.” Maclan released the carcass, dragging it clear, while Reid moved to reset the trap.

Mac grabbed his arm. “No, pack it up.”

“Tarhill will…”

“Be in Cortland with me.”

“Okay, what’s going on?” Reid demanded as he pried up the long pegs that held the trap.

“Not sure what you mean.” Maclan slid the skin from the muscle, turned it fur side out and fastened it to the sledge. Then he took the trap from Reid and lashed it to the sledge as well.

“I’m not that stupid. None of you want me to go south.”

Mac eyed him sternly. “Are you saying you want to go?”

“No, but—”

“Then leave it at that.” Mac grabbed the leather strap of the sled and strode off through the brush.

Reid hurried to catch up. “Is this about that rogue?”

“It’s about much more than just a bear,” Mac said wearily. He eyed his younger brother thoughtfully, then said, “My advice? Court Maura and win her if you can. For all of us.” Maclan started back up the slope.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Reid grabbed Mac’s arm.

“You don’t… need to know,” Mac said obviously uncomfortable with the conversation.

“But I deserve to,” Reid snapped.

Maclan stopped and looked skyward with a long-suffering sigh. “I can’t say you’re wrong about that.”

Thank you for coming today. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Bear Clan and be sure to check out the Snippet Sunday Facebook site for other writers and their works.

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    1. Why indeed – other than the fact that Reid loves her. She is the chieftain’s daughter though..

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