#SnippetSunday An impending quarantine and we know what that’s like…. don’t we? #Sundayblog #freeread #fantasy

I’m so sorry I missed you all last week. The hurricane sweeping up the East Coast had me without power or internet throughout the weekend. But we are back up and running now. And boy is it nice to have HOT showers and COLD milk. I hope all of you have escaped the majority of 2020’s darts but we have a few months to go and the news just mentioned a fire tornado. My goodness, things are crazy!

Well, what better way to evade that stress than by reading a good book? Let’s get a snippet from Tales of the Archer. Unfortunately, it seems Reid is having a 2020 summer as well. In this scene, the trading party Reid narrowly avoided joining returns early with bad news. Some of them including Reid’s brothers have taken ill and it looks bad for Bear Clan. How will he keep Maura safe now?

“They took sick early on, but we didn’t head back until we’d sold the hides.”

Tarhill’s face was uncharacteristically soft as he helped Connor get Maclan to sit up. Bradan and Maura helped the others. Of the three, Mac was obviously the sickest.

“Let me see him,” Ingrid said as she examined Maclan, feeling his neck with knowing gnarled hands, peering into his bloodshot eyes, and listening to his chest. She turned his palms up and then shook her head muttering to herself. “Where did you say you were?”

“We’d gone east; got to Dunballe. They took sick that first night. Saved coin on the horses and hawked the skins for a day or two.” Tarhill shot a disgruntled glare at the Seal men.

Connor swayed, bumping into Reid.

“You okay?” Reid whispered.

Connor offered a weak smile. “I am feeling a bit off, if you must know.” Then, Connor crumpled to the ground.

Ingrid and Tarhill both turned as Reid hefted his brother up and sat him next to Maclan. Ingrid checked Connor as she had Maclan and stood back with an unhappy look.

“Take them home,” she said. “Get them in bed straight away. Have Brigga come fetch a tonic in the kitchen.” She wiped her hands on her skirts. “No one is to see them, understand? No one but me.”

Reid helped Connor, and Tarhill carried his eldest up the path to home. The welcoming villagers fell back in hushed dismay at their approach.

Behind him, Ingrid’s grim words to Bradan sent a chill up Reid’s back. “It’s the Trembling,” she said. “Shutter the village.”

Thank you for coming today. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Bear Clan and be sure to check out the Snippet Sunday Facebook site for other wonderful writers and their great books.

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    1. Thanks, sometimes I find it hard to walk the line between too much and too little info when picking a snippet 😉

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