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Happy September! It’s back-to-school time for many of your families. My last student started her third year online at home with hopes that we can return to a more normal college experience for Spring Semester.

Here in New Jersey, this weekend also marks the end of the “official” beach season. I hope all of you who are taking a vacation now remember to keep safe and healthy. But at the same time enjoy the sun, the rain, the friends and probably booze and barbeque.

With the change of seasons, I thought I’d start sharing Quest of the Dreamwalker, my debut novel that was out originally in 2016. I am working hard on the sequel which has quite a bit of work to do on it before it will be ready for you all, but rest assured it is 80% written and definitely the next thing I publish.

I feel it’s always good to start near the beginning. This snippet comes from Chapter 2 where we meet Mason Khoury, Captain of Swords. He and his crew have just finished a mission but victory isn’t what it used to be for the captain.


“A bulky Northerner with tawny eyes and auburn hair dropped heavily into the only other chair. Grinning, he slammed three brews down on the table, sloshing the ale across the stained wood, the stacked coins and Khoury’s arms.

“Damned sloppy drunk.” The captain scowled, shaking the ale from his hand.

The Northerner’s name was Reid Tarhill, but he insisted everyone call him Archer. In a profession rife with haunted pasts and best-forgotten deeds, it was common enough for a man to choose a new name. Khoury knew that better than most.

“Better sloppy than morbid,” Archer said, fixing the captain with a pointed stare. “Cheer up you old sourpuss.”

Violet stifled a chuckle, and the captain’s scowl deepened.

Archer ignored Khoury’s displeasure, sliding one mug to the captain and the other to Violet. “Anyone looking at you would think we got drubbed good and proper,” he said. “But we got paid, didn’t we?”

“That we did.” Khoury eyed the gold glinting dully on the table.

Blood money, he thought. Nothing but blood money.

His ghosts would be ashamed.

Thank you for coming today. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Quest of the Dreamwalker.

For those of you who prefer to listen to your stories (as I do), Quest of the Dreamwalker is also out on audiobook. There is a sample of Chapter 1 for your listening pleasure here, on my YouTube Channel where I also have some playlists of music I use when writing. In case you’re curious.

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