Review: Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern

I read this book because I saw the movie and totally loved it. It’s the story of star-crossed best friends and would-be lovers – Rosie and Alex. Friends since childhood, they manage to stay closer than usual despite the Atlantic ocean, three children, three marriages and a few funerals. The story is delightfully tense, full of missed opportunities and the frustrating miscommunication that arises from NOT saying what you think. And yet at times the characters are too honest with each other, leading to rifts and misunderstandings.

Of course, we all know the problems inherent in seeing a story before reading it. But in this case, I liked the movie adaptation better. Still, the book was good and I was not as bothered by the odd structure as I thought I’d be. (The entire book is written as emails, texts and letters between the various players). But, perhaps because I had seen the movie, it felt that the resolution to their story took too long in the book. The wrap up at the end less romantic than I’d hoped, though still good enough to warrant four stars. I did enjoy it but I’d rather see the movie again.

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