Release Day and Falling in Love



Well, folks, Quest of the Dreamwalker is officially out today, and I’m so excited. Like kid-on-Christmas excited. It feels surreal to think that I can call myself an author. I know my novella, Son of Anubis, came out in January, but this one has more emotion attached to it. It’s bigger. More official. And as my publisher quipped, I now have a book “list.”

But in a way, I feel as if I just sent another kid off to college. Honestly. Cara’s story has been hanging around in my desk drawer for decades. I often used to read it, tweaking the language or the dialogue, adding descriptions and re-routing the plot by just a hair. I loved playing with that story. It was like my hobby.

No, it was more than that. It was my touchstone, reminding me that I am more than my daily existence. That my quiet uneventful life does not define the real me. That I have something greater to strive for.

And now…

Now, it is done. Truly and finally “fini.” No more playing with it. No more smoothing of edges. No more honing of arcs.

Happy as I am, I already know I will miss it.

But only for a while. Because life goes on, right? What feels new and odd now, soon becomes normal again. And we adjust.

So tonight I will drink a toast to Cara, Khoury, Falin and Archer, whisper a “Look, Mom, no hands” to the air, and pack away the hundreds of pages of marked up words that are now obsolete.

And then I will take out one of the handful of other manuscripts that need my attention and I will fall in love all over again.

Because isn’t that really why we’re here? To fall in love as often as humanly possible in any way we can.

And that’s how I want to live. Falling in love, every damn day.


-Stacy B.


Look for Quest of the Dreamwalker, ebook or softcover, on Amazon.

For a free sneak peak of the first two chapters, check out my BHC Author page here.






5 thoughts on “Release Day and Falling in Love

  1. Love this! I’m falling in love with my current WIP…and it’s so exciting! Can’t wait to read yours… And, yes, it’s so like sending your baby/college kid out into the big beyond…

    1. Thanks, Lisa. If this is your long awaited “dragon” WIP, then I’m even more excited than you are. You have such flair for dragon-based flash fiction! Hope your human boy is doing well in the “big beyond,” too. xoxox

  2. The process finally found its end and seems to have provided a whole new world…
    I’m incredibly thankful to have read Stacy’s book many years ago and again last year.
    Not a book I would normally reach for and yet I was captivated, turning manuscript pages well past bedtime.
    I genuinely invite the universe to embrace this story.
    Hold on…

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment. It has been a journey all its own. Now on to the next one xoxox

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