Murphy’s Law and the Muse

I don’t post much personal stuff here. I always feel there isn’t much to tell, especially since this “writer” thing is just getting off the ground for me. But there are times when the juxtaposition of what we hope for and RL (real life) just smacks you between the eyes.
I’ve been struggling lately. Struggling to keep the vision going, struggling to trust that what looks like crap to me at this point is actually a reasonable 2nd draft. Struggling to make the time and find the motivation to work on my WIP with all the changes this summer is bringing, not to mention the seductive whisperings of Netflix (damn them!).
Luckily I have a writing buddy who keeps kicking my ass and paving the way with her own dedication to her story (which is going to be fantastic BTW). And perhaps the coaxing has finally settled into something solid.
Because this morning, my Muse showed up and suddenly became, as they say, a very “cooperative component.” I walked the dog before the heat really hits and suddenly all of these ideas – more like realizations – of what goes next and how it all fits together for my characters pop into my head. Scenes line up in ways that make sense, tying together things I hadnt chosen to connect. Days like this I wish I could translate brain waves into ink because it was all there this morning.
Excited, I couldn’t wait to get home to write.
But there on my desk is the to-do list for this week. Phone calls, financial issues, prepping for my kid to fly the coop, shopping, new job applications, and hopefully a final re-read and editing pass for Quest of the Dreamwalker, and perhaps if I’m lucky a cover to approve. And behind all that waits the dreaded day job, eyeing me and my unicorn-fostered pipe-dreams with disdain.
If figures, doesn’t it? Murphy’s Law.
And I realize there is no way I can convert all this story into words within the hours I will have left this week. My Muse shrugs as she steals my coffee and my favorite chair, puts her feet on the desk and stares out the window waiting for me to send her away. Again.
I know if I back off and settle into the muggle-world for today or for this week, the story will survive. It will return when I clear my mind enough. But today, today, I don’t want that. I don’t want to postpone the high of being in the writer’s buzz for anything. Not even chocolate or donuts. And I have to wonder, is this the point where I finally claim my place as a writer?
I’ll let you know, assuming I don’t get fired and lose my internet. 😉
Happy writing, folks. Have a wonderful sparkly Monday.
Inky howls,

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