Life Lessons from the Gym


Usually I don’t “do” New Year’s resolutions. They’ve never worked for me.  Then again, I never considered that along with that RESOLUTION I might need a PLAN. Because, hell, why would I need a plan when I have resolve?

Yeah, well, resolve alone doesn’t cut it.  So this year, I’m not making promises I won’t keep. I’m making a plan.

Like most Americans, better health is in my Top Five Things I Want To Have list and so (since it’s already February!) I needed to put a plan in action. I joined a gym, invested in myself and started working with a trainer.

And I discovered two things.

First, I’m in better shape than I thought!  Yay!  (Don’t get me wrong, I’m sore. I am. But I’m also achingly hopeful.)

Second, I LOVE working out!  Yeah, I LOVE IT!  When I get sedentary, I forget this.

But every time I’ve managed to get this far and pushed myself to start, I start huffing and puffing and sweating and suddenly I want more. I love how exertion makes me feel. It makes me want to push all the harder.  Of course, I’m a little regretful the next day if I go overboard.

But still, being able to set a goal just out of reach and stretching myself to achieve it is a discipline I really need in my life.  Not every day in every aspect of my life, push-push-push from dawn to dusk.  But the ability to reach that extra half-inch, run that extra five minutes, lift that extra half-pound, is essential to getting me where I want to go.

It’s a learned skill – pushing through discomfort and doubt.

Whatever effort I put into physical discipline, into striving with every last ounce of me, doesn’t just work out my muscles, it makes me stronger – inside where it counts. It builds willpower that seeps into the whole of my life, my work and my writing.

What a motivating start for a year I hope will bring big changes.

So tell me, how are your New Year’s Resolutions Plans going? Really, leave a comment. I’d love to know.


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2 thoughts on “Life Lessons from the Gym

  1. I love the way you described the positive benefits of having a plan and developing discipline. Too often we seem to bounce between two extremes which only leads to frustration. I’ve started an exercise discipline and like you I’m in better condition than I thought AND like you I’m loving the way it feels – mostly! The energizing, getting stronger feeling is worth the effort it takes to practice discipline – which is harder than the physical exercising!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I guess great minds think alike. By the time summer arrives, I will be ready to take on the great outdoors. I really can’t wait.

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