It All Started With A Dying Earth…

Although most of what you, my readers, see from me is fantasy, I had an equal love for science fiction growing up. I literally cut my teeth on the original Star Trek. Asimov’s Foundation series was canon in my family (though I myself never actually finished it).  I read The Hobbit at 9 or 10 years old and then I moved on to The Forgotten Planet. I can still remember the precise glow of the lamp on my bureau as I read past bedtime most nights. I can’t recall how many science fiction anthologies I’ve read, and Omni Magazine was my first mail order subscription. Some of those short stories remain in my head to this day, snippets of interesting questions and faraway places. And though I can remember neither their authors nor their titles, their content and poignant juxtapositions have stayed. I tried to find some of them once but they are lost to the mists of time at this point.  

When I really look back, my favorite authors over the years wrote works that spanned the science fiction and fantasy genres: C.J. Cherryh, Ursula K. LeGuin, Anne McCaffrey. And it seems I will be following in their footsteps. Today, I published my first short story, a science fiction story. A story about the endings of worlds and new beginnings. I call it “Mi Carino” and it’s darker than my usual fare, so be warned.

You can get it from Amazon herebut it’s also available on other sites like KOBO, Nook and iTunes.

I hope you like it.  I hope to be writing more soon. It seems what I thought was a “one-story hobby” has evolved. It has mutated. It has grown, and now I can’t wait to discover what new worlds await me in my stories and I hope you will join me.


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