#FlashFiction – “Could happen to anyone…”

I had the pleasure of being the judge on Siobhan Muir’s #ThursdayThreads today. And it always makes me nostalgic. I wrote a lot of flash fiction a few years ago. Lately can’t see to find the time. But, whenever she asks me to judge, I just get the urge to join in. I timed myself and it took about three hours to put together this little ditty for you. The prompt today was just to use the words “Could happen to anybody.”

Go to her site and read the others. It’s a fun Thursday treat you should definitely check out. But here’s my take on it:

Love Potion #666

It was the typical inter-office party:  Management had politics with wine spritzers; we had MMA fights with 90-proof. I got nothing against the feathered crowd. Still you’d never know from the snooty looks that we’re supposedly all working for the same Grand Ineffable plan.

But whatever.

I had an axe to grind against my own kind tonight. Made my move the instant Boss-man left his glass unattended to arm-wrestle the second biggest asshole there.

Stupid move.

But just the opportunity I needed.

That it was Lily, Archangel Goddess Supreme, who caught his eye when he’d finished that drink was just icing on the cake. The moment his eyes met hers, it was like someone stomped on his balls.

She had no idea of course and his creepy stalker-man stare made her leave pretty soon after that. But it was amusing how he could do nothing except sigh longingly after her.

“You got it bad,” I told him.

“Got what?”

“And for Lily.” I whistled.

“No,” he muttered. “It’s not…”

“Love? Yeah, could happen to anybody. Even an asshole demon like you I guess.”

“I’ll be damned,” he muttered.

I laughed. “That’s one word for it.”

If he hadn’t been such a dick, I’d feel sorry for the guy. But he screwed my best succubus and turned her against me. Now all bets were off. So he could pine after a little angel tail for a decade or so. With any luck, he’d try something even stupider soon. I couldn’t wait.

@SBennettWrites/250 words

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