Dreamwalker audiobook to release soon!

The audiobook of Quest of the Dreamwalker has been approved and is waiting for Audible’s go-ahead! And I’m beside myself.  Squee!  This has been the most exciting part of the journey I’ve taken with this book. Hearing someone else’s voice bring my characters to life made it new again for me. I’m over the moon – IT’S A FREAKING AUDIOBOOK!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love audiobooks.

Let me clarify that. I LUUUUUUVV audiobooks.

In fact, there are days when I wish I had a distant destination just so I can enjoy the feeling of getting lost on the road. Anxious days or sad can always benefit from a long drive and good story.

I remember when I discovered audiobooks, or “books on tape” as they were called (cuz, yeah, they used to be cassettes. Back before CDs! And yes, dinosaurs liked ’em too.)

Straight out of graduate school, I married a Marine. He had been my high-school sweetheart and I’d have done anything for him. I was concerned about being a Marine wife though because pretty much the defining feature of that lifestyle is having to move every few years or so. But to my delight, I was young and adventurous and self-sufficient enough to do well with the nomadic life. It was fun discovering what each new duty station had to offer: The best pizza place, the best Chinese, the comic store, the parks, the grocery store. (And of course, where the nearest goddamn mall was, cuz after all I am still a Jersey girl at heart!)

But I can’t express fully the exquisite torture of driving a fully packed car on a long straight highway at night. Especially when you’ve already been in the car for a full work day. I’ve driven coast-to-coast at least twice. But even on shorter trips, say 20-40 hours, we often would stop during rush-hour to eat (No sense sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.) and end up driving late to get where we needed to go on time. The SNAFUs of the road are numerous and hilarious (after the fact, of course).

I dreaded those nighttime hauls. He was a night owl but I am a morning bird. I was great starting out at 3 a.m. but on the back side by 11 p.m. I was TOAST! And even though he was in the car with me, it wasn’t like we could keep each other company the WHOLE time. One of us had to sleep to take shifts. I would literally think of propping my eyelids open with toothpicks like in the cartoons. Fighting that overwhelming droop, fearing falling asleep on the road, it was miserable.

And then we found audiobooks. I think it was my mom who first recommended them to us as a way to pass the time. She had driven across country with my dad in a motor home the summer before. You could borrow them from libraries, she said, and then mail them back! (Wow cassette tapes and snail mail, I am dating myself!)

It was awesome. The miles flew by when you were up to your ears in a good story! I still got tired earlier than he did, but I at least had more to focus on than finding a radio station that played something upbeat 50 miles out of range of any human habitation. So that became part of our prep for long distance moves: Enough clothes to wear until our house stuff showed up, stuff to snack on, drinks, and an audiobook or two to pass the time.

So now my book is “on tape.” Summer is fast approaching, bringing with it long trips in cars, planes, boats or trains. There are hours spent lazing in the sun on the beach, mountainside, lakeside, when you’ve exhausted yourself with hang-gliding, surfing, and swimming.

Try an audiobook for yourself this spring/summer.  Try Dreamwalker. You never know, you might fall in love all over again with being read to.  

And if you have a favorite audiobook, list it in the comments. I’m always looking for new ones and I’m sure other folks are too.

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