Cover Reveal for Quest of the Dreamwalker

I’m so excited.  I have SPECIAL NEWS!  Today is the cover reveal for my epic fantasy, Quest of the Dreamwalker! Check it out!



This book has been a long time in coming, but it’s finally here.  I owe thanks to so many people for helping me make this a reality, most especially the lovely crew at Blue Harvest. The cover is gorgeous and I can’t wait to show you the inside.

A few of you may know about this story already. I’ve spoken of it often enough in the past. This is a very personal book for me. I’ve grown so much as a person and a writer over the intervening years, and the book has shadowed me the whole way.

This story is a journey, one woman’s journey from isolation to belonging, from separation to wholeness.  It’s also a fantasy adventure complete with swords and beasts, bloodshed and magic. There may also be a touch of romance. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Gar, everyone does. I think there is something inside these pages for everyone, something worthwhile, something that might move you.  Give it a try and find out,

Magic splintered her soul. But even if she reclaims what was lost, will the cure be worth the price?

Cara lives cloistered in the Black Keep with only her father for company. Forbidden to wander beyond the walls or have any human contact besides him, her days are empty save the single task of restoring his deteriorating power. Cara’s curiosity leads her to the dungeon where she befriends two captive mercenaries. Their fierce loyalty to each other shows her what it would be like to have friends.

When her father discovers her secret, he vows a cruel punishment and so, to save their lives, she flees with them to a world she’s only dreamed of.

But her defiance comes at a price, endangering those she has come to care about when she discovers the truth: Her soul is broken and her whole life is a lie. Now she must find the splintered piece of her soul and claim the heritage of her magical blood to have any hope of freedom.

Quest of the Dreamwalker is available for preorder on Amazon today. The official release date for soft cover and ebook is October 8th.

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