Congratulations to a friend

A friend of mine is suddenly, unexpectedly and joyfully pregnant. And I am thrilled for her.

Having children is like stepping into a new life. Motherhood for me is an experience I’m glad I didn’t miss. But I won’t say it was easy or always a lot of fun. The biggest bucket of laughs I found was when I was laughing at myself.  Nothing brings you nose-to-nose with your own fallibility and humanity quite as fast as a cranky, hungry three-year-old in a grocery store checkout line. Welcome to the spotlight!

She is a writer, this friend of mine, and will be sharing her experiences on her blog. You won’t want to miss her wry commentary, I promise.  So I am dedicating this short piece to Drea Damara and wish her tons of happiness in her new life. 


Posterity, Incorporated

She remembered the way he introduced himself, self-deprecating and almost proper: “I’m Charles Anderson, the scientist; and you are lovely.”

Posterity Inc. had told her he was an unusual case. They didn’t tell her he was tall, clean-cut and subtly magnetic. His nearness unbalanced her and she had almost bungled the interview by tripping over her chair trying to maintain a professional distance.

“I’m terminal, not contagious.” He had laughed, white teeth flashing between boyish dimples.

The interview lasted over an hour, discussing genotype and probability. He was so blessedly – normal. When it was time to make her decision, he had strolled behind her chair, suave as James Bond.Pregnant-at-40-240x300

“I may be dying,” he said, “but I assure you I can still do this.” His hand traced the line of her biceps in one teasing stroke, brushing her breast in passing. A palpable thrill flushed her cheeks. She noted the smoky intensity of his intelligent grey eyes.  “I would like something more than a Chuck-was-here sign. Do we have a deal, Ms. Bruckner?”

She hadn’t spoken, only nodded.

Sweeping her hair from her neck, he had placed delicate kisses from shoulder to ear, sending erotic heat to her very core. One night of primal lust and erotic rhythms, just one, and her job was done.

That was eight months ago.

Gliding her hand lovingly over her rounded abdomen and the tiny elbow within, she had to agree it was a much better monument than a cold stone in a manicured cemetery.*

Stacy Bennett is the author of Quest of the Dreamwalker, an epic fantasy, and Son of Anubis, an urban fantasy novella. Both are available in ebook and softcover formats here.

*This piece was originally written for #ThursdayThreads circa 2012.

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