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Corthan Legacy series

Quest of the Dreamwalker, Book 1

A scarred soldier, a soul-broken girl and a defiant huntress. Three lives thrown together by fate, bound by destiny, hunted by magic.

Cara is a prisoner. The sorcerer Sidonius crippled her soul so he could one day steal her magic. Secluded in the Black Keep, she knows nothing except obedience and duty. She doesn’t have the strength to leave the sorcerer until she meets the captain.

Captain Khoury is a mercenary kidnapped by Sidonius as food for the sorcerer’s fading magic. An exile with his own dark secret, the captain uses Cara to escape only to find himself bound to her. Is it just her magic calling to his, or something more?

Falin is not yet a Huntress of Foresthaven. Brutal and cold, she is sworn to kill any man who trespasses that sacred forest. When the Mothers give her a task that will mark her as a traitor, she must choose between her old life and a new destiny.

As the three outcasts flee south, Sidonius’s influence follows them from the frozen tundra through Foresthaven to the mountain city of Iolair where Cara must face Sidonius again. But it will take all three of them to defeat Sidnoius before he unleashes his final spell.

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Corthan Legacy Companion series

Tales of the Archer 

Years before Archer became Captain Khoury’s trusted lieutenant, before he faced down giants and murderous trees and sorcerers, Archer was just Reid Tarhill – the simple son of a trapper in love with a girl he thought beyond his reach.    

Maura O’Mara is many things to young Reid Tarhill – childhood friend, partner in crime, not to mention the chieftain’s daughter. One fateful Fire Night, young Reid plans a performance to gain Maura’s attention. Unfortunately, his father notices her interest too, and Old Tarhill tries to thwart the courtship by throwing in with a rival clan’s suitor.   

The Seal Clan’s heir is a far better match for a woman of Maura’s status, but Gilland Fynan doesn’t know her like Reid does. While Gilland tries to impress her with his skills, Reid charms Maura with tales of love and honor.  

But then sickness, a dangerous rogue bear, and a damning revelation threaten to tear them apart for good. Who knew that the fate of the entire Clan would rest on Maura’s choice. It will take more than a faithful heart and a handful of stories to keep his Clan and his beloved Maura safe . 

But more than anything else, Reid realizes she is the woman he’d risk everything for.

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Son of Anubis

Jake is the best bomb dog at Newark International, the pride of the force and his partner, Becca Carter. But when he accidentally ferrets out an ancient artifact, their routine sniff-and-search goes horribly wrong. His heart has always belonged to Becca, but Jake never realized what losing her would mean until the night he found the Egyptian jar and tasted the wine of Anubis. The night they were attacked by werewolves…in Newark. 

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Mi Carino: a short space adventure.

Colonizing distant planets is a dangerous business, so when Lt. Sofia Ashworth wakes up in the Kepler Colony One Med Center alone and without her memory, she assumes the worst. Unfortunately, even her imagination can’t prepare her for the truth. 

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