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Life Refurb©

The human mind is like a house, full of doors leading to hallways leading to rooms. And just like spring-cleaning keeps a home in good condition; the same is true for our minds. That’s what we do: We clean minds. … Continue reading

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#SnippetSunday I’m not your problem… #freeread #fantasy #romance

Hello there! Every week feels more and more like autumn. Pumpkin spice is back. Evenings we spend watching Halloween movies. Yellow, orange and red leaves are gathering on the lawn. Frost dusts the grass in the early mornings. Definitely my … Continue reading

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#SnippetSunday I have a job for someone…. #freeread #fantasy

Welcome to October! Time for pumpkin spice, black cats and witches. It’s also time for classic spooky stories. Which are your favorite movies? IT. The Shining. Nightmare On Elm Street, or maybe more along the lines of Hocus Pocus? And … Continue reading

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He would have been a challenge…#SnippetSunday #Sundayblog #freeread #fantasy

If only pumpkin spice could solve pandemics, we’d be golden right now. But at least the weather pleasant, temps are cooler, the morning starts later, coffee is still just as tasty. And your TBR pile might be getting smaller. Or … Continue reading

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You’ll end up regretting it… #SnippetSunday #Sundayblog #freeread #fantasy

The days are getting shorter! It’s dark when I wake for my day job now. Of course, they will change the clocks on me again soon but I suppose that’s okay. The days are getting shorter for Cara too. But … Continue reading

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Not a warm, fuzzy kind of father… #SnippetSunday #Sundayblog #freeread #fantasy

It seems that autumn is finally at the door, although I know one can never be totally sure. Weather is chaos after all. Still this is my favorite time of year! (And, no, it’s not because I’m fond of pumpkin … Continue reading

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#SnippetSunday A win is a win… isn’t it? #Sundayblog #freeread #fantasy

Happy September! It’s back-to-school time for many of your families. My last student started her third year online at home with hopes that we can return to a more normal college experience for Spring Semester. Here in New Jersey, this … Continue reading

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#ThursThreads “Time’s up, Cadet!” #timetravel #flashfiction

I found myself not working my second job this Thursday. Such a delight. Even better was that it gave me a chance to join Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads flash fiction party on her blog. Life is good! The door clicked shut … Continue reading

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