Audiobook Reviewer Has Weighed In

If you ever wanted to find a site that extensively reviews audiobooks of all genres, is the place.  Their library of reviews is extensive. I was so tickled to find them.

The folks at Audiobook Reviewer were kind enough to review Quest of the Dreamwalker and here’s a bit of what they had to say:

Stacy Bennett, the author has skillfully created a world so mystical yet realistic that one cannot stop listening to this epic novel.  It has everything – passion, mystery, action, evil, fighting, and so much more! … Zachary Johnson, narrator, performs this epic novel as if he were born to do so.  He owns the book with his talent to step into the story and wear each character as if it was his true identity…  

You can read more of this review here along with a thousand others in just the right genre to suit your taste.

                Listen to the magic!




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