About Me

A born and bred Jersey girl, Stacy eagerly left the Garden State for college, as was the family tradition. And after graduating from University of Pennsylvania with a psychology degree, she married a Marine and soon developed a distinct fondness for travel, U-Hauls and Southern hospitality. She returned to Jersey after a decade of that nomadic life with two children, a slight addiction to coffee and a hunger to create something of her own.

As a hobby, she began writing fiction, stories styled after the classic sci-fi/fantasy novels of her childhood.

She still lives in New Jersey with her two delightful teens, a neurotic dog and a queenly cat. Even in the hectic wilds of suburbia, she manages to find time to wander the wooded trails and sandy beaches that soothe the soul. Her favorite things are furry four-legged critters, a good game of backgammon and books that make you forget where you are.