A Return to Flash

I haven’t written new flash fiction since my mother died two years ago this month.  What I’ve posted lately I had written prior to that.  Siobhan Muir’s Thursday Threads has always been a good challenge for me and so I decided yesterday to give it a try.  

Here’s my untitled entry:


“I’ll check for survivors. You two get back to the outpost,” I said surveying the laser-charred buildings with trepidation.
Julie’s hand stopped me before I broke cover. “The hell you say!” Her eyes crackled with anger. “The freaks might still be here.”

Honestly, the thought of running into the blue-veined invaders churned my guts, but I couldn’t leave until I was certain.

“I have to,” I said, sure she’d understand. I mean, I was the one who’d found her.

“Okay, Jake,” she relented, “but then we all go.”

I looked to Rob for support. He knew the rules. But he kept quiet – as usual.

“No, someone’s gotta survive to warn the others,” I insisted.

Suddenly angry, she grabbed my T-shirt and yanked me close. “You’re not a damn hero. We survive by working together.”

This close, her eyes were the gray of summer rain clouds framed by unruly brown curls. Not for the first time, I wanted to kiss her and not just because it was the end of the world. I leaned closer wondering if she wanted that too, but she pushed me away.

Turning to Rob, she was all business. “We stay hidden and make sure the freaks are gone, then we search.”

He shrugged and gestured for her to take point.

“Always gotta be the voice of reason,” I muttered.

“Who? Jules?” Rob snorted. “Ain’t nothing sane about that girl.”

“How do you figure?”tthm

“Only a crazy girl could love a jerk like you.”

Word count: 248

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