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I am so honored that the lovely and talented Ruth Long, proprietess of Bullish Ink, reviewed my novella.  Ruth is not only a flash fiction queen, but she writes novels, poetry, does podcasts, interviews, and photography, and is the most supportive lady I’ve met in a long time. Check out her multifaceted blog above or say Hi on Facebook. You’ll be glad you did.  And now for her review of Son of Anubis.

“Writing a spoiler-free review for a book based on an amazing and unexpected premise is darn near impossible. I’ve started a review of Stacy Bennett’s Son of Anubis a dozen times and backed-spaced over it every time. Seven days in, I have made peace with the fact that it won’t be possible to avoid spoilers any more that it will be possible to bridle my enthusiasm for this novella.

I was immediately sucked into the story by the action and characters – a bomb dog and his handler going through a routine search. As a dog owner, I loved how Bennett gave Jake the dog his own POV and marveled at how deftly she carried it off. Being inside Jake’s mind is one of the great delights of this book. The bond between Jake and his handler, Becca, is a thing of joy, one that is tangible throughout the story.

Becca is devoted to two things: her job and her dog. The few glimpses we get of her back story show us she is loyal and family oriented. Her friendship with co-worker Pete and his dog further demonstrate her loyalty as a person and a professional. Those characteristics, loyalty and devotion to family, come into conflict in her romantic relationship, demonstrating that Becca’s life isn’t all smooth sailing.

The mystery at the center of the story had a handful of compelling elements that kept me turning the pages. Shape-shifters. Ancient Egyptian artifacts. A vengeful god. And a vicious antiquities smuggler. The action begins on the first page and continues through the last page. The ending left me satisfied but wanting more and Bennett most certainly left me hope for exactly that – just enough loose threads to pull me into another adventure should she choose to do so.

Design by Blue Harvest Creative
Design by Blue Harvest Creative

In short, I loved this novella and highly recommend it to mystery lovers, dog lovers, and readers interested in Egyptian history and antiquities. Most of all, I loved the singular way Bennett allowed us into Jake’s head and heart. He’s a character that will stay with you long after you reach The End.”

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